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Breaking Travel News interview: Omar Khoory, chief assets officer at Nakheel

Breaking Travel News interview: Omar Khoory, chief assets officer at Nakheel Omar Khoory, chief assets officer at Nakheel

Breaking Travel News: How would you describe the mood in Dubai tourism as we approach the key summer season?

Omar Khoory: We have had an excellent start to the year and are optimistic about the opportunities in Dubai’s tourism sector during the summer season. One of the major events that residents and visitors can look forward to this summer is The View at the Palm’s participation in the city’s “Kids Go Free” summer campaign from May to August. This initiative is expected to attract family travellers and stopovers from around the world, adding to the buzz of Dubai’s exciting summer period. Moreover, the reopening of China has brought a steady growth of travellers passing through Dubai and we expect this to continue over the summer season. Along with China, markets such as Australia, South Africa, Israel, Japan and India are
also projected to experience a good travel period, which will result in more visitor stopovers in Dubai.

Overall, the positive trends in the tourism industry, coupled with the exciting initiatives planned for the summer season, indicate a buoyant and optimistic mood for Dubai’s tourism sector.

BTN: This is the thirtieth anniversary of Arabian Travel Market – how will the Dubai-based Nakheel delegation be contributing to the celebrations?

OK: Nakheel is excited to be part of the thirtieth edition of Arabian Travel Market, one of the largest travel and tourism events in the Middle East. As a Dubai-based master developer, we are proud to contribute to the celebrations by highlighting our destinations at the Dubai Economy and Tourism Stand alongside other key stakeholders.

During the four-day event, Nakheel will showcase The View at the Palm, a stunning 360-degree observation deck overlooking Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf and Dubai skyline, as well as our other destinations, including the Palm Monorail, Palm West Beach, The Club and Club Vista Mare. We look forward to meeting visitors and potential partners to promote these destinations and share our vision for Dubai’s future as a premium travel destination.

This year, we are particularly excited to invite over 350 Hosted Buyers to experience The View at the Palm and promote our destinations in their respective markets. We believe that their first-hand experience will showcase the unique features and attractions of our destinations and further boost the interest of international travellers to Dubai.

BTN: Nakheel itself has been instrumental in the success of Dubai – leading construction on the Palm Jumeirah and a number of other landmarks. What is next on the agenda for the industry leader?

OK: Nakheel’s portfolio boasts an extensive array of ground-breaking projects and facilities. While we are most recognised for our masterplan constructions which include multiple tourist destinations such as Palm Jumeirah and the numerous residential offerings we have in Dubai, we also take great pride in our hotel and hospitality offerings.

Just recently, we officially opened Cheval Maison - The Palm, located adjacent to Nakheel Mall, making it the first Cheval Maison outside of the UK and the first in the UAE.

Nakheel also unveiled the masterplan for Dubai Islands, comprising five islands in a prime waterfront location in Dubai, that offers a mix of residential, retail leisure and hospitality services. The islands will be home to more than 80 hotels, including luxury and wellness resorts, as well as boutique, family, and eco-conscious hotels.

We are constantly exploring new opportunities and partnerships to expand our offerings, and we remain committed to delivering innovative developments that will continue to shape the future of Dubai’s tourism industry. We also have many projects in the pipeline within our residential portfolio such as the redevelopment of Jebel Ali Village, the launch of the Canal Front Residences, a new residential community at the Dubai Water Canal and Palm Beach Towers, which will offer elevated beach living with the highest standards of urban infrastructure and facilities.

BTN: How has tourism in Dubai tourism developed over the past three decades – and how important is the sector today?

OK: Over the past three decades, tourism in Dubai has grown exponentially. In the 1990s, Dubai’s tourism industry was
primarily focused on business travellers however, over the years, the city has transformed into one of the most desirable destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Research from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has shown that Dubai’s tourism sector contributed $29.4 billion to the UAE’s economy in 2022, with visitors to the Emirate steadily increasing.

The sector is one of the largest employers in Dubai, with growth expected to increase significantly in the future, driven by factors such as the construction of new hotels and resorts, and the development of high- end tourist attractions and destinations. The Dubai government has set ambitious targets, aiming to attract 25 million visitors annually by 2025.

BTN: Palm Jumeirah has previously been recognised as the World’s Leading Tourism Development Project at the World Travel Awards last year – how important are accolades such as those?

OK: Accolades such as the World Travel Awards serve as recognition of our hard work, dedication and innovation in the development of world- class tourism projects. Furthermore, the recognition not only supports Nakheel as a real estate developer but is also a testament to the growth of Dubai as a leading tourism destination that welcomes millions of
visitors from all over the world.

These awards continue to motivate us to push the boundaries of innovation in our developments and strive for excellence in all aspects of the business. We are also able to use these accolades as a benchmark for future projects and strive to achieve even greater success.

BTN: What caught the eyes of World Travel Awards voters – what is the secret of your success?

OK: The secret to Nakheel’s success can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, the company’s focus on developing unique and innovative projects that offer world- class amenities and facilities has been a key factor in attracting visitors and tourists from around the world.

Furthermore, our investment in technology and digital solutions has enabled us to provide seamless and efficient services to our customers. Finally, our strong relationships with our partners and stakeholders have helped to create a supportive environment for the company’s growth and expansion.

More Information Visit Nakheel at Arabian Travel Market on stand ME3010 – alongside Dubai Department of Economy & Tourism. Head over to the website at

Nakheel has won the prestigious awards for World’s Leading Tourism Development Project in 2021