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Joint declaration of sustainable development of Slovenia

Joint declaration of sustainable development of Slovenia

In December, within the series of joint expert events within the framework of the Days of Slovenian Tourism, all key Slovenian tourist operators signed the Declaration of Partnership for Sustainable Development of Slovenian Tourism. This is considered to be a document on joint action and partnership in the new strategic period 2012-2016 binding for all sectors of the tourist economy – public, private, and civil.

The declaration defines that tourism in the years that follow, with regard to the current development rate of Slovenian tourism and existing development potential, will become one of the leading branches of Slovenian economy and shall significantly contribute to the attainment of the development objectives of Slovenia.

The purpose of the document is to: (1) clearly define the importance of tourism for Slovenia; (2) identify all key sources for the attainment of better competitiveness of Slovenian tourism; (3) define the strategic measures for competitive and sustainable Slovenian tourism based on the new 2012-2016 Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy (that shall be adopted in the beginning of 2012); and (4) form a partnership for sustainable development, by which the signators shall undertake that “tourism in 2016 in Slovenia will be entirely based on sustainable development and, as the most successful branch of the national economy, will significantly contribute to the social welfare and reputation of our country in the world.”

The parties to the declaration “agree to assume responsibilities for competitive and sustainable development of Slovenian tourism, to stand for abolition of obstacles towards reaching the objectives and attaining better results in Slovenian tourism, to implement strategic measures from the 2012-2016 Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy, and, within the limits of the powers, to encourage other stakeholders, decision makers, and representatives of the government and other sectors that are directly or indirectly linked with tourism.”

The declaration was signed in the presence of media representatives by the Slovenian Tourist Board, Ministry of the Economy, Tourist Hospitality Chamber, Chamber of Craft of Slovenia, Congress Tourism Institute, and Association of Tourist Agencies of Slovenia at a press conference prior to the main event – Days of Slovenian Tourism. The supporters of the declaration also included numerous other associations, institutions, and organizations. The declaration remains open for further signators and supporters.