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ila moves into Monaco with Thirty • Nine Monte Carlo deal

ila moves into Monaco with Thirty • Nine Monte Carlo deal

British Organic spa and beauty brand ila has announced a partnership with Thirty • Nine Monte Carlo, an exclusive private sports club located on the illustrious 39 Avenue Princesse Grace, in the heart of glamorous Monaco.

Thirty • Nine combines the best in fitness, nutrition and wellness to help members live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

The brand is the perfect place to enjoy ila’s signature treatments and experiences, which use artisan spa products, designed to revitalise the mind and body.

From invigorating massages to detoxifying scrubs, restorative wraps and pampering pedicures, ila’s eclectic spa menu has something for every discerning guest.

ila’s unique Bio Rhythms treatment is now offered to guests in the club’s Ozone Sauna - a first for the British beauty brand.


This powerful treatment aims to restore the body’s natural biorhythms and support a detox or cleanse, ideal for those combating exhaustion or jet lag.

Also available to guests are the much-loved Energising and Detoxifying Body Renewal treatments, ideal for improving the skin’s softness, and combatting cellulite.

Members of Thirty • Nine are invited to indulge in a holistic programme of services, designed according to personal goals and preferences.

Each area of the club, from the state-of-the-art sports floor to the club’s unique dining experience beautifully supports a member’s wellness, with the tantalising food menu designed by both an international Italian master chef and top sports nutritionist Matt Lovell.

Throughout each of the club’s areas and offerings, exclusive partners have been handpicked to offer guests bespoke personalised services that match their lifestyle goals, and the luxurious hair and beauty service is no exception.

Of the new partnership, ila founder Denise Leicester said: “This is our first opening in Monte Carlo, which is fantastic as it is somewhere which I often thought would be a good position for ila.

“We haven’t worked with an Ozone Sauna before, but adding the Bio Rhythms was the perfect treatment – it makes the most wonderful combination for incredible results for people wanting a detox or cleanse.”