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IgnitionOne ignites Expedia Ireland’s CTR

IgnitionOne ignites Expedia Ireland’s CTR

IgnitionOne releases results today on a Digital Marketing Suite initiative launched with on-line travel operator; Within just three months, overall site relevancy improved the user experience by 25%.  Targeted homepage banners recorded 300% (4x) higher CTR compared to default or standard banners. faced the challenge of an industry where users seek a wide variety of products. Reflecting its “People Shaped” approach to travel, aims to offer highly relevant products and services to cater to the differing needs of its audience. The popular travel brand sought to increase web traffic, click-through-rates (CTR) and conversions on its site.

IgnitionOne implemented its Digital Marketing Suite technology which dynamically customises site content for each visitor in real-time based on their travel destination interest. Providing more relevant content creates a more fluid click behaviour, which improves CTRs. The technology was driven by IgnitionOne’s powerful audience scoring engine on Expedia Ireland’s website. The scoring solution considers on-site behaviour, including the travel interests entered by visitors in search forms on and instantaneously adapts its homepage banners according to the travel interest profile of each visitor.

Andrew Warner, Senior Marketing Director, Expedia EMEA said,

“When Expedia launched, we effectively turned around the travel agent’s monitor and gave the customer access to these expert tools, and more than 15 years on, we
continue to look for new ways to empower our customers and to make travel planning simpler and more intuitive.


People Shaped Travel is not just a tagline, but the underlying ethos behind everything we do.  When it comes to travel, things can get complicated.  Decisions need to be taken and there is endless choice. We aim to help customers find the products and services best-suited to their needs and interests. IgnitionOne’s technology is a tool we are using to support this goal in Ireland by contextualising our promotions based on what our customers are searching for.”

Expedia provides access to over 150,000 hotels and more than 300 airlines from destinations across the globe, offering a wealth of ways to tailor the content displayed in banners. The team is using the Digital Marketing Suite’s LiveMarketer drag and drop functionality to draw on the broad range of options to personalise the website on the fly. This functionality includes triggering promotional offers and other on-site campaigns easily for different audience segments to ensure that can help travellers to find the best value for the destinations they are most interested in quickly and easily.