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Heathrow Express to welcome Tata Communications’ first UK ad campaign

In its first ever UK advertising sponsorship deal, Tata Communications joined forces for the ‘We’re the connection’ campaign with Heathrow Express.

Tata Communications’ logo, along with colourful photography and surprising facts about the company’s capabilities, will ‘wrap’ the air-rail link’s fleet – with the images emblazoned across the exterior of the trains.

The entire fleet is due to be wrapped by July.

Julie Woods-Moss, chief marketing officer, Tata Communications, said: “For B2B brands like Tata Communications, it can be a challenge to find great brand platforms.


“The Heathrow Express is a great fit for us.

“The company seamlessly connects 17,000 business travellers a day between one of the busiest airports in the world and London – one of the greatest cities and a real gateway between the East and the West.

“The role of Heathrow Express matches our role as a connector of businesses and people globally.

“We bring cloud, mobile and network services to enterprises across 240 markets, at the highest speed possible.”

As well as the train ‘wrap,’ the campaign will also include content on the train’s on-board digital screens, TV-spots, digital airport panels and cross track advertising.

The messaging is designed to raise awareness of the scale and variety of Tata Communications’ global capabilities.

Specifically, the company is keen to showcase its role as a global connector of businesses and people through its portfolio of cloud enablement, collaboration and mobility solutions.

These solutions are underpinned by Tata Communications’ leading global network infrastructure.

The company owns and operates the world’s largest and most advanced subsea fibre cable network, including the only wholly-owned fibre ring around the world.