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Gatwick Airport reopens runway following safety fears closure

Gatwick Airport in London has reopened its main runway after a temporary closure over fears the surface had started to break up.

The runway was closed at 15:38 on Sunday as a precaution.

Operations were switched to the Northern Runway allowing flights to continue.

Arrivals to Stansted and Bournemouth were, however, diverted during the closure.

A statement from Gatwick Airport this morning said: “Gatwick is returning to normal after the temporary closure of the runway yesterday afternoon.

“Some minor knock-on delays are occurring this morning while some of yesterday’s flights are accommodated in today’s schedule.

“Gatwick Airport will continue to work closely with our airline partners and do everything possible to assist our passengers and get them moving.

“Gatwick would like to apologise to everyone affected by yesterday’s disruption.

“We advise all passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline.”