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Free test-run rides for Thai Airport rail link attracts public

Free test-run rides for Thai Airport rail link attracts public

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) on Tuesday conducted a test run of the Thai capital’s Airport Rail Link, attracting passengers to try free rides. Eighteen trains are initially operating from 7-10 am and 4-7pm, on express runs from Phayathai station to the Suvarnabhumi Airport station without a stop at other stations.

Each trip takes about 22 minutes. However, the baggage check-in system is not yet open. Two more stops at Hua Mark station and Ramkhamhaeng station will be operated in mid-month and other stations will open later to complete all eight stations. Free rides will be offered until commercial service opens on August 12 to celebrate Queen Sirikit’s birthday.

Fares will start at 15 baht and increase by five baht for each station to a maximum fare of 45 baht while nonstop Airport Express Trains will cost 150 baht. The passenger capacity is some 600-700 persons for each train. An integrated ticketing system will be applied later linking with the elevated BTS Skytrain, the MRT subway and buses.

The Airport Rail Link may have an impact on taxi services at the airport and the affect will be discussed to help those who may lose some income. The 28-kilometre Airport Rail Link project connecting Suvarnabhumi Airport with the city centre is expected to serve up to 50,000 commuters daily. (TNA)