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26 Nations scale down their travel advisories to Thailand

Twenty-six countries have scaled down their travel advisories to Thailand following the government’s recent decision to revoke the curfew in Bangkok and 23 other provinces. The countries that have lowered the warning from Level 5 to Level 2 include Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, Denmark, Israel and Italy. Those adjusting from Level 4 down to Level 2 are the Netherlands, Russia, France, Hungary and Portugal. The Level 2 warning only advise travelers to exercise caution when visiting Thailand.

Another group with the Level 3 warning consists of Switzerland and Canada, reducing from Level 5, and Malaysia, Finland, Japan, Sweden and the Czech Republic, lowering from Level 4. The Level 3 warning recommends visitors to stay extremely cautious when in Thailand. Meanwhile, those easing their warning from Level 5 to Level 4, which encourages avoidance of Thailand, include Belgium, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Poland.