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Bangkok Airport approves measures to help aviation sector

Bangkok Airport approves measures to help aviation sector

Airports of Thailand (AoT) plc, the owning company of Thailand’s major gateway airports,on Wednesday approved additional measures at Bangkok’s two airports for airlines and entrepreneurs impacted by the recent political chaos. AoT chairman and Independent Director Piyapan Champasut said the measures will apply to Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports.

For all airlines and flights, take off and landing fees will be offered at a 15 per cent reduction, and aircraft fees will be for 50 per cent for nine months, effective during April-December this year. Also, the payment period due for July to December 2010 is extended for another four months for the charges of take off and landing, aircraft, rental space and benefits.

Concerning aid to entrepreneurs within the airports, AoT will lower rental fees and reduce facilities and maintenance fees at 10 per cent for all tenants for the nine months from April through December this year. Payments for entrepreneurs are also lowered if their AOT-approved contracts were signed by March 31, while the extension period of contracts for all commercial entrepreneurs is made for another six months or two years depending on their conditions.

Mr Piyapan admitted that the AOT would lose about 2.2 billion THB income for implementing this measure; therefore, the AOT would assign the management to reduce unnecessary expenses and investment to substitute for the lost income.

All situations including the recent political unrest in Thailand and the volcanic ash from Iceland which stopped portions of flight operations worldwide have caused the loss in revenues of the Airport Authority of Thailand of around Bt2 billion. (TNA)