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Favourable exchange rates drive sales at Eurostar

Favourable exchange rates drive sales at Eurostar

Eurostar has seen sales revenues grew by six per cent at constant exchange rates, to £452.6 million, for the first since months of 2017.

At actual exchange rates sales grew by 11 per cent, to £455 million.

This increase was underpinned by a strong business travel market and uplift in sales from overseas markets outside Europe.

Passenger numbers during this period were up by one per cent, to 5.04 million.

Nicolas Petrovic, chief executive of Eurostar, said: “We have recorded good growth in the first six months of the year with a marked increase in traffic from the US and overseas markets.


“This is testament to the enduring popularity of our destinations combined with favourable exchange rates.

“The outlook for the second half is promising with a busy summer season and bookings for the autumn up on last year.”

After a muted 2016, the first half of 2017 has been marked by a resurgence in overseas travellers, especially the US.

The number of travellers from the US and the rest of the world grew by 24 per cent and 18 per cent respectively year-on-year with visitors drawn by the attractions of the destinations and the advantage of the weaker pound.

The robust business travel market reported in the early part of the year continued into the second quarter with the number of business travellers increasing by five per cent in the first six months of the year compared with 2016. 

This growth was prevalent in the UK where the volume of business travellers in the first half rose by seven per cent versus the previous year.

Bookings for the summer season are strong as customers are increasingly attracted by the ease, style and comfort of high speed rail over plane.

Eurostar is the high speed rail service between the UK and mainland Europe.