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Eurostar left battling for survival following Covid-19 slump

Eurostar left battling for survival following Covid-19 slump

Eurostar has criticised a new government support scheme for airports in the UK, arguing rail operators have been unfairly excluded.

The support, which is designed to shore up jobs and reinforce local economies, will be available to commercial airports from early next year.

It will address fixed costs and be equivalent to the business rates liabilities of each business, capped at up to £8 million per site, and subject to certain conditions.

However, Eurostar said it had been left out in the cold.

A spokesperson explained: “The new scheme of rates relief for airports puts Eurostar at a direct disadvantage against its airline competitors.


“Eurostar has been left fighting for its survival against a 95 per cent drop in demand, whilst aviation has received over £1.8 billion in support through loans, tax deferrals and financing.

“We would ask this scheme to be extended to include international rail services, and more generally for the government to incorporate high-speed rail in its support for the travel sector, and in doing so help protect the green gateway to Europe.”

Eurostar is the high-speed train service linking St Pancras International, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Disneyland Resort Paris, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.