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Europcar offers aid to UK travellers as temperatures plummet

Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe, is helping customers get through the cold snap safely with its Winter Packs.

UK weather forecasters are warning of severe weather for the days ahead, but Europcar’s winter driving kits and advice are helping motorists stay safe.

“Many motorists have all the right equipment in their own vehicles – but are less likely to have this with them when using a rental vehicle”, explained Ken McCall, managing director, Europcar UK Group. 

“With forecasts warning of dropping temperatures across the UK, we want to make sure our customers feel as well equipped as possible, which is why we offer our Winter Packs.”

Europcar’s Winter Packs are available at major UK branches for just £6 and include de-icer, a windscreen scraper and extra screen wash, to avoid customers getting caught out if the temperatures drop. 

And for Europcar customers in Scotland, where the worst of the weather is expected, Winter Survival Kits are available, adding a shovel, wind up torch, hand warmer and a survival blanket to the standard packs.

The Survival Kits are on sale at Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh airports for £20.

“Motorists have been urged to take extra care on the roads, as the UK braces itself for more snow and icy conditions” continued McCall. 

“The Europcar Winter Packs give rental customers the essentials to help them cope as temperatures plummet. Plus we include useful driving tips for our customers who may not be used to driving in these difficult conditions.

“We advise motorists to check the weather forecast before they make their journey and where conditions deteriorate only travel if it’s absolutely necessary.”

Europcar is considered the World’s Leading Green Transport Solutions Company by the prestigious World Travel Awards.