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Eighteen Seychellois students meet their Tourism and Culture Minister

Eighteen Seychellois students meet their Tourism and Culture Minister

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture accompanied by Elsia Grandcourt, the CEO of the Tourism Board, and Flavien Joubert, the Principal Secretary of the Seychelles Tourism Academy, met with eighteen Seychellois students who are following for their Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management at Shannon College of Hospitality Management in Ireland.

Shannon College, a partner of the National University of Ireland, has been collaborating with the Seychelles for the last 4 years.

Minister St.Ange addressed the students gathered in a lecture room of Shannon College before opening the floor for the 18 students to update the Seychelles tourism delegation on their impressions and feelings about their training and living conditions in Ireland.

Nelly Chetty, Sherelle Choppy, Frederika Confait, Diane Dupres, Ursula Esparon, Charles Etienne, Venessa Ikarakwu, Jean-Marc Larue, Genvierve Leon, Valerie Petumber, Fenella Plows, Erron Raoul, Lee-Anne Rath, Neil Moncherry, Alexander Leccadito, Tiffany Gold, Peter Alvis, and Serge Benoiton all said that they were satisfied with their studies and that they found Shannon College to be at the level they expected and wanted for their training. They also all confirmed that the living accommodation and general setup was good.

They had recommendations about their final preparedness for their move to Ireland, and to this the CEO of the Tourism Board and the Principal of the Tourism Academy said that he welcomed the students’ views and assured them that their points made would be taken on board.


Fourteen of the students are in Ireland as part of the government of Seychelles’ further training program, and 4 were at the College as private funded students.

Minister Alain St.Ange said after the meeting that he was happy to have had the opportunity to have met with this large group of Seychellois students. “This is a big group of Seychellois students following further training to join the industry that remains the pillar of our islands’ economy. We needed to see them, and we needed to hear them. They will be the leaders of our industry in the future, and it is not only our duty, but it is also our responsibility to follow their training to ensure we get for Seychelles what we need for the future of the Seychelles tourism industry,” Minister St.Ange said to the press after his meeting with the Seychellois students in Shannon.