Breaking Travel News reveals boost in tourism as Europeans flock to Ireland reveals boost in tourism as Europeans flock to Ireland

Following an impressive marketing campaign across the continent by Tourism Ireland, can reveal a surge in European interest for the Emerald Isle in 2012. This year has seen a real spotlight shone on Ireland, with international media attention around Titanic’s milestone anniversary as well as the ever-popular traditional St Patricks Day celebrations and the country still thriving from 2011’s high profile visitors Queen Elizabeth and President Obama. search data indicates Ireland is set for an influx of European visitors this year as it reveals a huge increase in searches to the Emerald Isle versus the same period last year from tourists across Europe.*

The largest increase in interest comes from the Netherlands, with a 77% rise in searches versus last year. Interest in Ireland is also booming in Belgium (64% rise), Sweden (60% rise) and Denmark (57% rise) as they have also seen significant increases in searches for holidays to the country.

Ireland as a destination has increased in popularity right across the continent with other year-on-year rises in searches including:

Austria (26%)
France (24%)
Germany (20%)
Switzerland (21%)
UK (12%)


Jen Quinlan, Marketing Manager,, says “This year has seen Ireland thrown into the European spotlight with various high profile occasions and events. It’s great to see Ireland is moving to the forefront of European holidaymaker’s minds as they realise just what this country has to offer.”

Finola O’Mahony, Head of Europe, Tourism Ireland, says “Tourism Ireland’s extensive programme of promotions is in full swing across Europe and we are working closely with our tourism partners to deliver growth in 2012. We will shortly roll out our autumn campaign, targeting millions of potential holidaymakers for city breaks and rural holidays with enticing messages about upcoming festivals, our world-class food and the wealth of things to see and do here.”