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Dusseldorf Carnival of Germany is new addition for Carnival in Seychelles

Dusseldorf Carnival of Germany is new addition for Carnival in Seychelles

The Seychelles Tourism Board has confirmed that the DusseldorfCarnival of Germany is one of the new delegations coming to the 2012 “Carnival of Carnivals” in the Seychelles.

“They are coming with a strong 50-plus delegation to be part of the carnival parade and to claim their place as one of the world’s top and most-known carnivals in the unique ‘Carnival of carnivals,’” Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said.

Dusseldorf Carnival of Germany is one of the oldest carnivals with a successful track record. This year will be their first appearance in the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands carnival staged in Seychelles. The tropical islands of the Seychelles and La Reunion said that having Germany on board strengthens their claim that they remain the only ‘Carnival of Carnivals.’ “The world’s best and the world’s most known carnivals will all parade side by side in the carnival in Seychelles. They are followed by cultural groups from the Community of Nations bringing the theme of the carnival – the Melting Pot of Cultures – to life. No two delegations are the same, and the procession parade remains one of the most entertaining because of the diversity it is bringing out,” Alain St.Ange said.

Dusseldorf Airport has made it possible for their carnival delegation to travel to Seychelles with the help of Etihad Airlines. They are already a most talked about delegation and are set to attract a lot of attention. The German delegation will fly the German flag and colors during the carnival and showcase the culture of the German nation.

Twenty-six international delegations are expected to descend on Seychelles for the March 2 Carnival. They will be covered by a press contingent of some 56, coming from the four corners of the world. Edith Hunzinger, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Manager based in Frankfurt, will be accompanying the German delegation on their first trip to Seychelles. Bearing in mind the cold spell (“Big Freeze”) hitting Europe, the German delegation will definitely enjoy the tropical weather of the Seychelles, which remains at 27 degrees Celsius year-round. A swim in the Seychelles clear turquoise blue seas will be a relaxing break after the carnival parade for the German delegation coming from Dusseldorf.