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Dubai International breaks passenger record in August

Dubai International breaks passenger record in August

Dubai has 8.37 million reasons to celebrate after that number of customers passed through the world’s number one international airport Dubai International in August, setting a new global standard and surpassing the airport’s former record of 8.23 million set in August 2017.

August marks the second consecutive month that DXB has crossed the eight million customer mark, setting Dubai Airports up for a strong third quarter. 

DXB’s average monthly traffic this year is 7.5 million.

That’s 1.2 million more than its closest rival London Heathrow (6.29 million).

Dubai Airports chief executives, Paul Griffiths said: “It’s another milestone for Dubai Airports as we continue to break records and set the bar even higher.

“While the numbers speak volumes about our growth, our aim is to continue pushing the boundaries on experience and provide customers with the best possible service.


“We are making progress on that front as well with shorter queue times, world-leading food and beverage and retail and other touches like spas, swimming pools and trampolines that help us stand out from the crowd.”

DXB continues to welcome people from all over the globe, leveraging its geocentric location to connect the world.

India remained DXB’s top destination country by customer volumes, with total traffic reaching 1,012,124 during the month.

Saudi Arabia was second with 613,618 customers, followed by the UK with 603,531.

Other markets of note include US (306,701 customers) and China (215,211).

The top three cities were London (371,574 customers), Kuwait (272,607) and Mumbai (210,820).