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DFDS seeks to keep vital logistics routes open

DFDS seeks to keep vital logistics routes open

DFDS will continued to maintain a regular sailing schedule for those undertaking essential travel via its Dover-Calais, Dover-Dunkirk or Newhaven-Dieppe routes.

The company will continue to offer its full sailing schedule on the routes for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this week, DFDS reduced passenger capacity on those routes to make it easier for travellers to follow government advice on social distancing while on board.

European efforts to close borders exclude haulage drivers.

In addition to providing a complimentary meal for all drivers, DFDS will now extend this to include all passengers until further notice.


Due to the limited number of passengers onboard each crossing, DFDS has plenty of space to ensure guidance on social distancing can be supported.

Outside decks are also open for use.

Kasper Moos, vice-president and head of short routes and passenger at DFDS, said: “We are committed to the safety and welfare of our passengers, drivers and crew while travelling with us and we will continue to do so during this difficult period.

“We have taken every precaution advised by the World Health Organisation to protect the health of our crews and those who have essential journeys to complete.

“Our routes between the UK and France are an important trade link and we are maintaining our current sailing schedules to ensure that essential everyday goods can continue to reach shops and businesses.”


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