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Costa Cruises launches vegan menus

Costa Cruises launches vegan menus

While many cruise lines now offer vegan or vegetarian options as part of their on-board culinary offering, Costa Cruises have gone one step further and created a dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu that will be available on cruise ships.

Created in response to the growing demand for such cuisine, the menu cuts out all dairy products and even eggs, instead using ingredients derived from plants that will produce the same bold Italian flavours that reflect Costa’s proud Mediterranean roots.

The comprehensive menu covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers and dessert, and includes an array of Italian delicacies such as Venetian ‘ris e bisi’ soup, and a delicious trenette with pesto as part of the Luguria regional menu.

Other culinary specials include a dish consisting of celeriac and creamy caciocavallo cheese, a vegan burger made with kidney beans, a delicious rocket and apricot salad, and a subtle cauliflower and fig tempura with porcini mushrooms.

Antonio Brizzi, Costa corporate travelling chef, said: “Vegetarian dishes have always been part of Italian culinary tradition and we are delighted to introduce them as a full and separate menu on board our cruise ships.


“We aim to fulfil the needs of our customers and ensure they enjoy their time on our ships.”