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Condor rolls out new gategroup dining concept onboard

Condor rolls out new gategroup dining concept onboard

Condor, the Thomas Cook Group airline, has become the first European airline to offer gategroup’s new dining concept.

The new onboard service experience aims to recreate restaurant-style dining by offering one full plate of appetising food instead of a traditional airline tray filled with multiple, small elements.

Condor will offer this premium menu on short- and medium-haul flights with ten different single-plate dishes containing a greater amount of higher quality food.

The new meal and tray concept reduces clutter on the tray, reduces packaging waste and makes handling easier for cabin crew.

Thanks to its space-saving design, the new concept also frees up valuable galley space and fuel consumption is reduced due to less weight onboard.


gategroup’s culinary experts worked closely with Condor’s catering team and cabin crew to create a superior, restaurant-like dining experience for passengers.

Christoph Brandstaetter, gategroup regional executive chef, central Europe, oversaw the creation of international meal choices for health-conscious travellers, many of which are also suitable for people with special dietary requirements.

“We want to offer our passengers an unparalleled travel experience and we have taken their feedback very seriously,” said Tobias Kühne, head of catering for Condor.

“With this new onboard dining experience, we are able to offer our customers even more delicious food at the same price.

“Its cost-effectiveness in economy and premium class on short- and medium haul flights is unsurpassed.“