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Carnival in Seychelles enters final two weeks of preparations

Carnival in Seychelles enters final two weeks of preparations

The carnival in the Seychelles, now known throughout the world as the “Carnival of Carnivals,” is set to be launched officially on March 2. This has prompted the organizers of the carnival to meet the local participants for the carnival and to brief them on the carnival procession that is set to engulf Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, on Saturday, March 3 on the carnival’s procession day.

The many registered Seychelles participants gathered in the International Conference Center to be briefed by Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and his Deputy, Elsia Grandcourt, and Jimmy Savy, who has been contracted to manage the activities around Victoria for the 2012 Carnival.

Questions on the size of the carnival floats and the height and length of floats that would be acceptable were discussed, as was the line up for the carnival procession, the routes for the procession, and the timings to get all participants to the lineup before the roads in Victoria closed.

Alain St.Ange explained to the gathered Seychelles carnival 2012 participants that the Tourism Board and the government were united in their desire of wanting the carnival to be the event that did the Seychelles proud. “The carnival does not belong to anyone, but to Seychelles. It is important to rally together to have an event we can all be proud of. Let us unite for our country and let us agree to deliver for our Seychelles,” Alain St.Ange said.

Many countries spend a fortune on the needed visibility for their country. Seychelles also depends on greater visibility to enable its tourism industry to grow from strength to strength, and the large press delegations coming to Seychelles for the carnival can offer the Seychelles the visibility blitz it needs. “But for this to happen, we need Seychelles to put its best face forward during carnival time. We really need the business community in and around Victoria to make the effort to decorate their own premises to show the carnival feeling. Let us unite in that mission for Seychelles,” Alain St.Ange said.


Jimmy Savy said that this year the party atmosphere in Victoria will be bigger than last year with music bands contracted to be playing at different spots in Victoria. “The party will be everywhere in Victoria and that the carnival procession promises a special surprise to all those watching the parade,” Jimmy Savy said.

It is also confirmed that some of the international delegations are taking gifts for the children, which they will be distributed during the Family Fun Day on Sunday, March 5, at Freedom Square in Victoria.