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Cape Town Tourism announces new chief executive

Cape Town Tourism announces new chief executive

After an extensive recruitment process, the new chief executive of Cape Town Tourism has been announced as Enver Duminy.

Duminy has held the title of tourism services executive manager at Cape Town Tourism for almost four years and has played an active role in crafting Cape Town Tourism’s new three-year Business Plan.

He will take up his new post on August 1st.

He has built firm relationships at different levels within the tourism industry; a background that will form his new role and enable him to ensure that the organisation continues to add value to the industry.

Duminy said: “It’s an honour to accept this post of chief executive with humility and appreciation of the service it will be to the tourism industry of Cape Town.

“Cape Town Tourism is an agile, innovative, and passionate organization, and we will continue to uphold these values as I take the helm.

“As incumbent, I plan to focus my first 100 days on setting the roadmap with the Cape Town Tourism team as to how we will deliver our agreed strategic objectives and tactical plans.”