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CAA commandeers 100 aircraft for Operation Matterhorn fleet

CAA commandeers 100 aircraft for Operation Matterhorn fleet

The Civil Aviation Authority delivered another extensive day of flying on Saturday, running 69 flights covering 40 airports at home and abroad.

The news comes as Operation Matterhorn completes its sixth day.

The operation, which is expected to run Sunday, October 6th, has successfully returned around 93,000 people so far and plans to operate another 70 flights today.

Richard Moriarty, chief executive at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “We have returned a further 15,000 Thomas Cook customers to the UK in the last 24 hours, and have now used more than 100 aircraft as part of our Matterhorn fleet.


“Although we are proud of our work so far, we are clear that we still have more than a week of the flying programme to manage and nearly 55,000 passengers to bring back to the UK and we remain focused on that challenge.”

He added: “The scale and complexity of this operation will inevitably cause some inconvenience and disruption and I would like to thank holidaymakers for bearing with us as we work around the clock to bring them back at the end of their holiday.

“I am very grateful for the assistance provided by all of our partners who are helping us to deliver the largest ever peacetime repatriation operation.”

Thomas Cook customers are reminded to check the dedicated website for further information.