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Royal Jet launches Saudi private jet service

The world’s leading charter jet, Royal Jet, is launching its service in Saudi Arabia to address the regional and global executive travel needs of the Kingdom.

The deal with ARABASCO for a commercial and operational alliance was signed by Royal Jet President & CEO Shane O’Hare and ARABASCO President & CEO Ret. Brig. General Mohamed Al Shablan.The agreement seals an alliance between the two companies which are chaired by HE Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan (Royal Jet) and Sheikh Khalil Mohammed Awad Bin Laden (ARABASCO).

Under the terms of the agreement, UAE-based Royal Jet will be positioning a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and a Gulfstream 300 at ARABASCO’s key hubs in Jeddah and Riyadh to better serve the Saudi market, together with crew, full operations team and all necessary supporting logistics.  With a growing fleet of 10 jets including five BBJs, Royal Jet is the world’s largest single BBJ operator.

Based in Saudi Arabia, ARABASCO has been the premiere Fixed Based Operations (FBO) and maintenance facility company in the kingdom, offering a variety of aircraft maintenance, management and ground handling services to private, VIP and business jets.

From its private terminals within the Kingdom, Arabasco and Royal Jet will now offer private jet charter, as well as domestic and international travel from Saudi Arabia, using the BBJ and Gulfstream 300 which can comfortably accommodate 30 and 12 passengers respectively, to cities like London, Moscow, Bangkok, as well as other business and leisure hubs in the region.


Achieving growth in a key regional market such as Saudi Arabia is an important focus of Royal Jet’s expansion strategy, said His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan. “Saudi Arabia is the single largest and most mature private jet market in the region, and there are significant benefits that are opening up here, especially when one enters the market with an established brand and product offering.”

Meanwhile, Royal Jet’s O’ Hare said, Saudi Arabia has proven to be a very important market for Royal Jet over the years. “We expect this trend to continue in the coming months, notwithstanding the global slowdown, because of the strong liquidity in the market and the still lucrative growth projections expected this year.”

In recognition of its service excellence, Royal Jet has been voted the World’s Leading Private Jet Charter by the World Travel Awards for two consecutive years and Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter, in the Middle East Travel Awards.