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Northern Jet Unveils Fusion of SpeedBird and Northern Jet Management, Redefining Luxury Air Travel

Northern Jet Unveils Fusion of SpeedBird and Northern Jet Management, Redefining Luxury Air Travel

The merger of two distinguished private jet charter enterprises, SpeedBird, headquartered in Orlando, and Northern Jet Management, based in Grand Rapids, has culminated in a formidable partnership of industry leaders. Today, they proudly introduce their consolidated brand, “Northern Jet,” marking a strategic rebranding endeavor that underscores their commitment to innovation, modernization, and exceptional customer experiences.

A Revitalized Identity
This rebrand encapsulates the shared vision of reshaping the landscape of luxury air travel. In this exciting evolution, the logo has been crafted to embody the grace, refinement, and seamless voyage that Northern Jet epitomizes.

CEO Chris Bull expressed enthusiasm about this transition: “Embarking as Northern Jet on this transformative journey, we join the strengths of two unique entities. The bedrock of this merger lies in our pledge to deliver a Personal, Private, and Authentic experience to our joint clientele, all while upholding the utmost safety standards.”

Elevated Aesthetics

Northern Jet sets a new bar for contemporary opulence in private aviation. Dedicated passenger terminals at Grand Rapids (GRR), Orlando (ORL), and Naples (APF) airports are undergoing modernization, affording clients a sumptuous and inviting environment from the very instant they set foot within Northern Jet facilities. A number of aircraft in the fleet are slated to receive interior upgrades this summer, as the organization looks ahead to a more contemporary future.


Observers will note the transformation of pilot uniforms, meticulously designed to mirror the professionalism and style emblematic of Northern Jet.

Prioritizing the Customer Experience

Central to Northern Jet’s ethos is the satisfaction of its clients. With this rebranding, the organization reaffirms its commitment to providing the preeminent customer experience within the industry. From the instant of reservation to the culmination of the journey, the attentive team ensures that every detail is scrupulously managed and tailored to the unique preferences and requirements of each individual voyager.

Safety and Quality – Pillars of Excellence

The safety and well-being of clients remain paramount. Northern Jet unwaveringly adheres to industry-leading safety standards and meticulously upholds aircraft maintenance, exemplifying the highest class of quality and performance.