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Heathrow Express available in the air

Heathrow Express has signed with GuestLogix in a unique deal to become the first train company to offer transfer vouchers on-board to New York airline passengers landing at Heathrow Airport.Heathrow Express, the UK’s favourite train company and GuestLogix Inc., the world’s leading provider of on-board retail solutions to the airline industry, today announced an agreement to offer US passengers the convenience of train travel to London upon their arrival to London Heathrow International, the world’s third busiest airport.

Heathrow Express train tickets will soon be sold using the popular GuestLogix Mobile Virtual StoreTM retail platform which is deployed or is being implemented by leading carriers representing over 90% of the passenger trips taken annually in North America. The initial rollout will be with a global carrier on all flights originating from New York City.


“Heathrow Express has been looking after our inbound American customers since we launched 10 years ago but we wanted to make a significant step forward to becoming the favourite way from Heathrow to London for all US visitors ” said Diane Burke, Head of Sales and Marketing for Heathrow Express. “GuestLogix provides us the most convenient and efficient platform to reach most of the US airline passenger traffic to London.”



Market research indicates airline travellers are ready to purchase tickets to events, entertainment, and airport transfers, if the on-board buying experience was convenient and made good use of their time. GuestLogix estimates that airlines can generate at least $20 billion in additional ancillary revenue annually within the next few years through innovative on-board retail initiatives, as represented by today’s announcement.


“Our signing with Heathrow Express keeps us on plan to leverage our growing airline retail footprint,” said Tom Douramakos, President and CEO of GuestLogix. “Heathrow Express tickets provide our airline customers an instant opportunity to grow new profitable revenues while improving the travel experience for their passengers. They can accomplish this without having to carry any physical inventory.”


The GuestLogix Mobile Virtual StoreTM platform is acknowledged as the de facto standard in on-board retailing by the airline industry. Its state-of-the-art POS handheld and software services allow for batch and real-time credit and debit card processing as well as cash handling, inventory and promotions management, supply chain and fulfillment management. With the addition of merchandising options through its In-Flight Box OfficeTM merchandising service, the Company is now able to offer destination-based products and services spanning theatre tickets to Broadway productions, theme park and attraction passes, catalog shopping with delivery, and now, convenient airport transfers.