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Website hooks up hotel guests

A new website is being launched that helps people who do not want to be bored in their hotel room meet up with other like-minded people.Millions of people at this very moment are sitting in their hotel rooms, in every city in the world, looking forward to a night of room service food and boredom.

The adventurous ones venture down into the hotel restaurant and spend dinner trying to look interested in the small writing on the back of the ketchup bottle.

Business travel now accounts for up to 60 percent of all travel and with up to 80 percent of business travel being solo.

It makes for a lot of lonely people and very difficult recruiting for those employers that like their employees to spend a significant amount of time away from home.

The crazy thing is that it’s highly likely the person in the next room is in exactly the same situation.


A really bold person might just go knock on a few doors and say “how ‘bout a beer”, chances are after hitting just two doors, a single occupant would be found.

The hotel industry knows these statistics well and caters to single occupancy guests with room service dining, movies on demand and high speed internet access.

Not to mention the delights of the over-priced under-nutritious mini bar. Single occupancy guests are higher spenders per room on all of these additional features, as double occupancy and group guests tend to go out more often and purchase outside the hotel.

An enterprising new web site, has picked up on this problem and offers a solution to the boredom faced by millions.

By simply joining the site and searching or entering a travel schedule, people can contact other people that will be in the same location, at the same time, looking for the same thing.

Imagine if people could find a training partner or tennis buddy wherever they went, or simply just meet up with others for a chat over a drink or dinner.

Those long lonely hotel nights could be a thing of the past.

Travellers meeting point is also a business solution for those businesses that rely on the visitor community for their income.

Advertisers on the site can directly and cost effectively target visitors to any location in the world, through its unique “great services & places to meet” link.

Local and international businesses alike can easily target the very lucrative out of town visitor market. At only $5 per week for a full page ad it is one of the cheapest sources of targeted advertising on the internet.