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SYNERGI expands into developing regions

SYNERGI is partnering with Highlight Travel in Kenya, as it begins its expansion into the East Africa region.
Paul Tracy, SYNERGI’s senior vice president commented: “Over the last six months we have moved into a number of key new developing markets as part of our strategy to develop strong regional presences with a focus on products, services and technology which can really make a difference locally. Africa and the Middle East as well as Eastern Europe are part of this campaign.  We are looking to Highlight Travel to be central to this development and together we plan to bring on new partners on a monthly basis over the next 6 months.” 

Over recent weeks SYNERGI has signed a significant number of new Partners in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region to bring even greater coverage for our multi-national clients, including Finland, Norway, Sweden and most recently Nigeria to increase its representation in Africa. SYNERGI has also announced a change of Partner in the Netherlands where Business + Travel Group is now the exclusive SYNERGI Partner. Sydney Express has become the exclusive SYNERGI representative in Australia, a key strategic market for the Asia Pacific region. SYNERGI has signed a global marketing agreement with AirPlus International, a leading international provider of business travel payment solutions.