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T&T Continue to Win More Awards

Following Black Entertainment Television’s recent vote of endorsement for Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean republic is getting an additional thumbs up from a key African-American-owned and -operated media organisation.Former CNN News Anchor, Andria Hall, now president of the rapidly growing SpeakEasy MEDIA, Inc., says that on her recent visit there she was tremendously impressed with the destination as a business center.

“The level of professionalism and business excellence helped to sharpen my own corporate Caribbean business strategy,” said Hall who led a character development workshop at a meeting of the Public Relations Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

“The event itself was top-notch from its inception to its execution and SpeakEasy MEDIA’s professional development programme was well received by PR professionals, non-profit organisations and media alike. You can count on me coming back,” said Hall, who has recently participated in similar empowering events in Barbados, Trinidad, St. Lucia and Jamaica.

Cybelle Brown, newly appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BET Event Productions and BET Digital Networks, showered accolades on Trinidad and Tobago for its masterful production of this year’s Carnival celebrations, one of the most successful in its history.

Brown explained that “Trinidad and Tobago represents a significant part of what is the Caribbean. Both islands present extraordinary culture, amazing food, a beautiful array of races and, of course, extraordinary geography. It is therefore a necessary part of our presentation of Caribbean programming.”


Trinidad’s sister isle of Tobago will host next week’s Seventh Annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development (STC-7). The Caribbean Tourism Organization is organizing the conference in collaboration with the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), the government of Trinidad and Tobago and the European Union.

The Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Tourism, Howard Chin Lee, told a recent Counterpart International-sponsored media conference in Trinidad that the intersection of diving, soft adventure and eco-tourism is very visible in Tobago, which the World Travel Awards Committee named “the Caribbean’s Leading Destination” during the World Travel Market held in London last year.

“Among its many winning attributes, Tobago is a premier dive destination and home to the world’s largest brain coral. Tobago is also home to the Main Ridge Rainforest, named as the best Eco-Destination in the World in October 2003 by the World Travel Awards Committee,” he said.

Following next week’s meeting, this idyllic Caribbean travel spot, will surely win more accolades.