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VLM Airlines Celebrates Outstanding 2004

VLM Airlines, the largest carrier serving London City Airport, consistently out performed major UK airlines throughout 2004 and achieved an excellent on time performance average of 89% for the year.ÊÊ

This figure provided by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is based on all the airline’s flights to and from the UK departing and arriving either early, on-time or within 15 minutes of scheduled timings.Ê Statistics for the year reveal that during July the airline’s on-time performance was even as high as 94.04%.


VLM Airlines is committed to providing a fast and efficient service for business travellers by offering punctual and reliable flights, with less time spent travelling. Utilising smaller airports such as London City, Rotterdam and Liverpool John Lennon, the airline’s passengers enjoy shorter check-in times and an excellent level of customer service.ÊÊ



VLM Airlines’ UK Regional Manager Titus Johnson comments: “Our reputation for offering a punctual service has always been a key selling point for the airline, with much time invested in maintaining this.Ê It is extremely rewarding to see these efforts reflected in the punctuality figures for 2004 as we continue to strive for ‘best in the business’ quality for all aspects of our product offering”