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Hilton International announces sale of interests in Jalousie Hilton Resort & Spa

Hilton International announces the decision to sell its interests in Jalousie Hilton Resort and Spa The decision, which was reached by mutual agreement with the resort’s owners, marks the end of a successful eight-year management of the property on May 31, 2005.SunSwept Resorts, whose interests include Le Sport in St Lucia, have acquired the interest of Hilton International with the intent of converting the resort to a Body Holiday similar to Le Sport.

The resort will remain open and fully operational under the management of Hilton International until May 31, 2005, at which time Hilton International will depart and the resort will cease operations under the Hilton brand.

All existing bookings, for travel through May 31, 2005, will be honored.  Guests with reservations beyond May 31, 2005 will be contacted in advance and fully informed of the situation.  Should they still wish to visit the resort, the new operating company will honor the reservations.  Further details regarding the future plans for the resort will be made available by the property’s new owner and operator.

Hilton International is extremely proud of its long association with St. Lucia and its residents.  The island is a tropical gem offering visitors a natural magnificence and a fascinating culture, with people recognized by their warmth and welcoming disposition.

Hilton International has a strong portfolio of hotel and resort properties in the Caribbean and will continue to look for opportunities in the region and in St. Lucia.