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BusinessJet Class Puts Jet Charter Booking Online for Travel Agents

BusinessJet Class has developed a “private GDS” that travel agents can access via the Internet to book private jets.  No special equipment or knowledge of air chartering is needed and there is no membership fee or financial commitment required.
The BusinessJet Class automated distribution system for private jet chartering matches the functionality of commercial airline GDS systems, and allows travel agents to quote charter aircraft availability and pricing, easily and quickly. The BusinessJet Class system also holds detailed information about community airports and their services, allowing the agent to provide answers to specific questions about airport locations and capabilities.

Before BusinessJet Class created the virtual network of charter operators, booking private jets was a time-consuming process that produced inconsistent results. To demonstrate how easy and dependable the new BusinessJet Class automated system is in performing its service, the company has launched an online tutorial to introduce travel agents and corporate travel managers to their air charter distribution system. 

“Private jet charter is an essential tool in the arsenal of the travel agent who serves successful corporate travelers and affluent individuals,” said George J. Khairallah, President of BusinessJet Class. “Passengers, even infrequent ones, cite as benefits, maximum control over safety and security options, the best possible control over efficient scheduling, a reduction in post-trip fatigue and a commensurate increase in post-trip productivity.  By providing travel agents with a tool that reminds clients of their new relevancy in a tumultuous travel environment, BusinessJet Class is a capability no professional travel agent should be without.”

BusinessJet Class networks world class operators who offer access and competitive rates to their combined fleet of over 570 aircraft nationwide.  All aircraft conform to premium industry standards and are suitable for any mission, domestic or international.  For information on becoming a preferred BusinessJet Class travel agent, contact Gus Alba, VP of Sales at 800-397-8564 or for more information, visit ###