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Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts Partners with Hogatex-Optims

The Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts commissioned Hogatex-Optims to supply their 21 Hotels with a global IT solution. The Falkensteiner Group, headquartered in South Tyrol, acquired a Hogatex Front Office global licence for its four hotel sections “Holidays, Club, City and Wellness”. In addition the basic agreement contains the point of sale software InfoGenesis Revelation, the stock & inventory control solution Check, the spa & sport solution Reservation Assistant, hardware purchase as well as service & consulting.

6 hotels in a resort with 620 rooms: The Falkensteiner Club Funimation Dalmatien.Zadar, Croatia, is completely equipped with the multiproperty solution. They operate with a central database on a single server. “Basically the customer uses the system like a small CRS solution”, says Hauke Lenthe, International Business Development Manager at Hogatex-Optims. ?Availability queries are done consolidated. This is how the occupancy rate is significantly improved. The reporting is managed centrally as well. Thus it is possible to access current data and analysis at any time”.

Based in South Tyrol, the Falkensteiner Group describes itself as a company building holiday dreams - not just hotels. For sure, one of the most popular dreams is the Falkensteiner Grand Spa Hotel Marienbad in the Czech Republic. After no more than 20 months of rebuilding, this flagship of the Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts was reopened in May 2004. An impressive world of wellness stretches across 2,500 square metres. 168 rooms and suites open up a large space for body-conscious tourists of all ages, who are in good company: Goethe, Chopin and Strauss already appreciated the ease and comfort in Marienbad. Backstage the Reservation Assistant provides a smooth software workflow. A two-way interface transfers all relevant wellness data to the Front Office System for the accounting.

Most of the Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts started live operations with Hogatex-Optims software by the end of July. The remaining properties followed by the end of the year.

Johann Graber, Chief Financial Officer of the Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts, explains, “The Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts are on the right track for grand expansion. Our roots are in South Tyrol. But our focus is on Europe, especially on the New Europe. We are in the process of rearranging ourselves and getting ready for our triumphal procession across Europe. Needless to say, we had every intention to be equipped with the best possible software solution. Due to Hogatex we can optimise our IT division as a whole, including the link to our future CRM solution. Going global and providing top-level technologies, Hogatex-Optims is a solid, internationally focused and forward-looking full-range supplier, who perfectly matches with our progressive growth plans. Last but not least, Hogatex-Optims provides globally applicable solutions - thus we are not subjected to local upgrade-constraints.”