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Wyndham Roll Out a Virtual Red Carpet

A team of Automated Agents
has been hired by Wyndham International to give its guests a red carpet
greeting and white glove treatment any time they call for service. The
Agents are provided by Voxify, the first company to create Automated
Agents for call centers with the conversational skills to handle advanced
customer service calls, and will greet guests, help locate hotels, book
reservations, or update their loyalty program information. Wyndham chose
Voxify because its patent-pending technology that models the intelligence
and service demeanor of human agents, has seen wide acceptance in the
travel and hospitality industries. Plus, as a hosted solution, it can be
customized and deployed within weeks rather than the months usually
required for a custom-developed system.
Wyndham operates more than 145 upscale hotels and resorts offering more
than 36,000 rooms globally. More than 2 million prospective guests at
these hotels reach Wyndham’s call center annually through its toll free
reservation numbers, making it one of the hotelier’s most critical service
points. Voxify Automated Agents will enhance the experience by providing a
smart, central system that will greet guests immediately, identify what
they need, and instantly route them to the best available resource,
whether human or automated. For example, Automated Agents might be best
suited for rapidly reconfirming reservations. On the other hand, live
agents would be best equipped to help a guest with an unusual question
about a particular hotel property.

Initial plans for the Voxify-powered call center projects 25 to 40 percent
of service calls to be fully automated. Indeed, roughly one million of
Wyndham’s calls for reservations, confirmations, or loyalty program
requests will be handled from greeting to completion by an Automated
Agent. But in keeping with Wyndham’s service pledge, callers will always
be given the option to reach a live agent for any request. The Automated
Agents will serve as the vehicle for connecting each caller with the right
resource in the least amount of time.

“We believe in giving our guests choices on how they want to be served,”
stated David Mussa, Wyndham’s Vice President of Reservations. “A large
percentage of the calls we receive at our call center are common requests
that can be easily and efficiently fulfilled by an intelligent Automated
Agent. Offering our customers additional options in facilitating their
requests, allows us to deliver a better guest experience—which is at
the core of Wyndham’s brand philosophy.”

“It’s a great honor to be the vendor that will help implement Wyndham’s
plan to provide the best guest experience over the phone,” said Adeeb
Shanaa, CEO of Voxify. “We believe this latest in a long string of
prestigious clients proves that our approach to modeling the intricate
nature of human conversations gives our Automated Agents a profound edge
over competitors.”

Breakthrough Conversation Engine(TM) Technology


Voxify Automated Agents are built for advanced customer service calls,
such as fare finder and reservations, and can accommodate customers with
varying amounts of information.

High conversational usability requires complex call path maps to handle
the many variant call paths that a customer service call can take. Voxify
has solved this challenge with its patented Conversation Engine(TM)
technology, a breakthrough for automating the development and maintenance
of highly usable speech applications. The Conversation Engine imbues the
Automated Agents with advanced conversational skills, enabling them to
engage callers in sophisticated dialogue, and understanding multiple
pieces of information in a single response or adjusting to unexpected
information provided by the caller. As a result, callers experience an
Automated Agent who understands how to give them what they need quickly
and easily, closely approximating the effectiveness of a human being.