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Evason Hideaway Introduces Ecological Management to New Vietnam Project

Many resorts advocate an environmental philosophy, without actual commitment to action. The development of Evason Hideaway at Ana Mandara, offers the opportunity to demonstrate best practices to sustain and manage the natural environment.Until the development of the 54-villa Evason Hideaway, visitors to Ninh Van Bay were principally day visitors for picnics and diving, and local fishermen. The pristine bay offered no tourism facilities. Fresh water was collected from seasonal waterfalls and a natural reservoir. The environment is home to several species, which include monkeys, lizards, butterflies and freshwater lobsters.

The development of Evason Hideaway addresses the many potential impacts on the environment:

Power generation with low emissions and with energy conservation and heat recovery systems for hot water production. Heat exchange will provide the hot water for all guest and host accommodations - a method proven to be even more efficient than solar production. As with all Six Senses properties, abrasive chemicals and bleach are avoided throughout the operation, even in the laundry and kitchen areas.

Open-design ventilated architecture that makes the most of natural breezes, and often eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Design briefs specify natural materials only, which include timber, certified from renewable sources or recycled; thatch; terrazzo for pool finishes; cement and local granite. There will be no paints or plastics used in construction. Villas have been kept to the lowest economically-feasible number so that there is a minimum impact on the indigenous wildlife.

Fresh water will be distributed from an underground reservoir by gravity rather than mechanical methods. An organic vegetable and herb garden is being established and guests will be invited to contribute with the planting and harvesting. They may enjoy the results of their activity by dining in the garden as an alternative to the restaurants.


Waste water will be used for landscaping, and will revitalize sections of the environment that in the past have fallen barren during dry seasons, to the point of erosion. A nursery has already been established to supply plants and trees for these areas and the planting of more than 3,000 palm trees and thousands of smaller shrubs has commenced.

A documented terrestrial study of the land is currently underway, as is a detail baseline study of the coral reef and the sea bed. Improvements will initially be monitored in a five-year environmental management plan, assisting with developing great walking and snorkeling trails for additional guest experiences. Aqua culture is also being explored so as to sustain and enhance the bay’s marine life.

Best Practices have also been adopted during the development phase. These include erosion control, ground water management, waste management and protection of sensitive vegetation.

The aim of Evason Hideaway at Ninh Van Bay is to provide the ultimate visitor experience by creating innovative style that places environmental issues to the forefront, demonstrating that an ongoing commitment to sustaining and enhancing the natural surroundings is the responsible way to develop tourism.