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Qantas Deploys Sabre AirFlite Suite Systems

Sabre Airline Solutions

announced that Qantas Airlines
has gone live with Release 10 of

Sabre AirFlite Schedule Manager and Profit Manager, providing automation of

the flight scheduling and route evaluation processes.
With over 60 airline customers worldwide, AirFlite is the industry standard

for scheduling software solutions.  All of the top 10 airlines globally are


using at least one of the AirFlite suite’s scheduling products.  While

Release 10 of the product has been in rigorous testing for several months,

AirFlite Schedule Manager is now live, running all Qantas’ long haul

schedule planning.


Schedule Manager is being used to evaluate Qantas’ route and network

decisions up to three years in advance. Currently four other global

customers are poised to join Qantas with implementation of the system going

live by the middle of 2004.


Qantas has undertaken the first live implementation of the Release 10

version of the AirFlite suite. This release employs state-of-the-art,

multi-user, Java Oracle technology to improve performance, usability, and

integration resulting in faster, easier, and smarter scheduling.  Smooth

implementation has also been a goal of development work.


“I have been very pleased with the smooth introduction that Sabre Airline

Solutions has achieved with Schedule Manager,” said David Round, Manager

Network Systems & Communication, Qantas.  “As the first airline to go live

with the new system version, we were expecting some initial problems but we

have been impressed with the system and support we have received from Sabre



As a result of the easy rollout of these products and the performance of

AirFlite suite to date, Qantas plans to also go live with Release 10 of

AirFlite Fleet Manager in the first half of 2004.  Fleet Manager enables an

airline to optimally allocate capacity to improve the profitability of a

schedule employing a patented O&D passenger flow model in its global

optimisation technique.  In addition, Qantas has also committed to the

purchase of Release 10 of the Sabre SlotManager system, which will allow

them to manage and track slot rights at slot-co-ordinated airports, and

streamline the slot request process.


Cameron Curtis, vice president, Asia Pacific said, “We offer our client

base a proven migration path to this new platform using our PC-based

systems (PC AirFlite).  When our clients want to take the next step in

terms of advanced planning and scheduling functionality and optimisation

techniques - we are ready.  We are noticing an increased awareness of the

value of schedule and market profitability analysis.  Airlines need tools

to manage market demand, airline constraints and profitability data so that

they can make schedule, network and fleeting decisions quickly and

accurately.  These are decisions with a high dollar impact that can’t be

done manually in many cases.”