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Belize to celebrate Lobsterfest June 25 - 27

Belize’s will celebrate Lobsterfest, June 25 - 27 in the beautiful southern coastal town of Placencia. On the peninsula where the rainforest edges pristine beaches and blue Caribbean waters, fishing is plentiful and so apparently is the lobster.

Before tourism became the main source of revenue for the town, Placencia relied on lobster fishing as a major source of income for residents. A severe decline in the lobster population led to seasonal lobster harvesting only, which is why when the lobster season reopens in June, it is so heartily celebrated.

Celebrations include lobster prepared in many different ways. Food booths abound with Caribbean lobster dishes such as Creole lobster, barbeque lobster, lobster fritters, lobster fajitas, and even lobster pizza—all perfectly accompanied by an array of rum drinks or the ever popular Belizean beer, Beliken. Thatch bars and small restaurants come alive as locals and tourists alike make their way from one place to the next, dancing to the beat of punta, Soca and reggae rhythms.

In addition to the delectable dishes and exciting games and activities, the festival hosts a variety of friendly contests and tournaments. Locals compete for the bragging rights of creating the best lobster dish, making the best rum punch or having caught the most lobster.

Visitors and locals alike are also encouraged to participate in the traditional Placencia Fisherman’s Day Sal*censored*er Fishing Tournament - a two-day fishing competition for prize catches of barracuda, wahoo, kingfish or giant lobster that is a centerpiece of the festival. The goal of the tournament is to accumulate the greatest number of points based on the weight and variety of fish caught. The more weight and rarer the variety, the more points awarded, with a possibility of winning up to $2500 U.S.