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Brussels ambassador holds talks with the islands’ minister for Tourism and Culture

Brussels ambassador holds talks with the islands’ minister for Tourism and Culture

Ambassador Vivienne Fock Tave, the Seychelles Ambassador accredited to Belgium, and Mr. Philippe De Baets, the Seychelles Consul General in Brussels, took the opportunity of the working visit in Brussels this week by Alain St.Ange, the islands’ Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture to discuss investment potential in the field of tourism and culture.

“The embassy is continuously being called upon to guide would-be investors, and it was a golden opportunity to be guided by the Minister responsible for Tourism and for Culture as to what our islands are still seeking in the field of foreign investments,” Ambassador Fock Tave said at the end of the working meeting.

Minister Alain St.Ange, on his part said that the enthusiasm by the Seychelles Ambassador and by the islands’ Consul General to work with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture showed their personal commitment, but also it showed that foreign-based representatives of the Foreign Affairs were in tune to the working environment in Seychelles. “We are but one country with one government, and it is important that we all move in the same direction. It was a pleasure to update Ambassador Fock Tave and our Consul General Philippe De Baets on what we see that are still interesting propositions, but need additions to our islands’ tourism infrastructure,” Minister St.Ange said.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture explained that it was not only hotels that make the Seychelles tourism industry. He said that the islands need supportive industries and recreational infrastructures to offer more opportunities where visitors to the islands could spend their money. “We often hear discussions of yield from tourism, and this topic would only be addressed when more was made available for our visitors to spend money on. The yield from the tourism industry is not, and I repeat not, only the hotel overnight rate, but the total spending by a visitor in our islands. If they have nothing to spend their money on, then they simply spend less, and the country makes less from its tourism industry. It is time for us all to appreciate this, as it is time for us all to encourage more to be done in the field of supporting infrastructure for our tourism industry; only then shall we see a better yield, and a yield that our country truly deserves from its tourism industry,” Minister Alain St.Ange said as he met with Ambassador Fock Tave and Consul General De Baets.