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Baby Turtle Release at Mercure Resort Sanur

Baby Turtle Release at Mercure Resort Sanur

At night, she had created a “nest” to lay her 102 eggs, which was recognized by our Security guard on duty in the each area. On the day after, with a help from Mr. Agung Tresna, an expert from Bali Turtle Society/ProFauna, we immediately relocate the fragile eggs to a saver place. Some of our guests also involved in the turtle rescue activity. He had guided us on how to build a save nest for the egg hatchling. The nest should be surrounded by fence to guard them from predators such as dogs, snakes, etc. It should be covered on the top, to protect them from over-heat and rain.

According to scientific research, baby turtles better instinctly learned to survive in their habitat since their early age. That is why scientist believed that releasing the new-born baby turtles to their original habitat is the best solution to their survival. Our management team with some of our guests released the baby turtles back to the sea.

This turtle rescue and turtle release program is in line with Mercure Resort Sanur’s green commitment to support natural conservancy in Sanur, and in Bali generally.

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