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ANA resumes servcies to China and Korea

ANA resumes servcies to China and Korea

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is updating its international flight schedule, and will increase the flight frequency for flights between Haneda - Seoul, operating daily from August 1, 2022. ANA will also resume flights from Narita to Beijing from August 1, and increase frequency from August 18.

ANA will continue to monitor travel viability and quarantine requirements as well as demand trends for return trips to home countries and overseas assignments, and will continue to add flights in case of further increase in demand. ANA is committed to maintaining the standards and protocols established with the “ANA Care Promiseblank,” its initiative to provide a clean and hygienic environment at airports and aboard aircraft so that all customers can travel safely and comfortably.

The summary of today’s announcement regarding route changes on international flights is given below. Please visit the ANA Websiteblank for more details about flight operations.

Overview of the Schedule (August to October 2022):
The following is an overview of the flight schedule from August 1 to October 29, 2022, including today’s announcement.



  *1 The total number of flights includes interim flights.
  *2 Figures include only flights that are confirmed to operate at time of this announcement. Additional flights may operate based on demand trends.
  *3 The operation rate is based on a comparison to the FY2020 Business Plan.

Schedule for August 1 to October 29:

  *The flight is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities.
  *Sales of the Narita = Beijing flights announced today will begin on July 21.

Changes in quarantine measures, immigration conditions and other precautions are being implemented. For customers planning to travel, please check the latest information from embassies, consulates, and health institutions in your destination.

ANA will continue to closely monitor the situation and will take appropriate action when needed to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment for our customers and employees.