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Alitalia to sell ancillary products through Sabre

Alitalia to sell ancillary products through Sabre

Sabre Travel Network has signed a multi-year agreement with Italian national carrier Alitalia to sell its ancillary products to travel agents connected to the Sabre global distribution system.

In addition to shopping and booking Alitalia airfares, an agent can now shop and book ancillary services such as pre-paid baggage and access to airport lounges, all seamlessly integrated into the reservation process – a first for agents in Europe.

The products will be immediately available to agents in Italy, with the UK, Spain, Belgium and other European markets to follow.

Alitalia, which already has a full-content agreement with Sabre, has chosen to sell its ancillaries through Sabre using industry technology standards developed by ATPCo and IATA.

The electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) allows an agent to efficiently purchase an airline’s ancillary products on behalf of customers in the same way they would a base airfare.

Sabre provides both the airline and the agency an easy and efficient way to manage the sale and purchase of new airline ancillary products, while also providing travellers with complete transparency as they can see the total cost of the fare and extras. 

Aldo Ponticelli, Alitalia’s vice president, distribution, said: “Increasing revenue through the sale of ancillary products and services is a major part of our business plan, which is based on a distribution of Alitalia’ services through direct and indirect channels.

“Sabre and Alitalia have been able to implement with timeliness this effective way to sell ancillaries in the indirect channel that will allow us to reach, satisfy and retain the broadest range of our market.”

Alitalia added it will expand the ancillary services its sells through Sabre and add additional points of sale over the coming months.