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Air France to close low-cost carrier Joon

Air France to close low-cost carrier Joon

Air France has revealed it will look to close low-cost airline Joon after it failed to catch the imagination of passengers.

Originally planned as a carrier for millennial travellers, its staff and aircraft will now be reintegrated into Air France proper.

“Despite the many positive impacts of Joon, in particular the invaluable contribution of the teams at Joon who launched the company and worked with passion and dedication, the brand was difficult to understand from the outset for customers, for employees, for markets and for investors,” Air France said in a candid statement.

The plurality of brands in the marketplace has created much complexity and unfortunately weakened the power of the Air France brand, added the flag-carrier.

Through integration, Air France hopes to see many benefits thanks to fleet, brand, and product harmonisation.


Managing the operation would be improved through a common fleet of aircraft.

Air France will also be able to ensure a smooth transition of the Airbus A350, currently on order, to the Air France fleet with a more economical cabin configuration.

“All Joon flights currently sold or for sale would of course be operated by Joon until the project is completed, and then taken over by Air France,” Air France said.

“The simplification of the brand portfolio, while capitalising on the Air France mother brand, is an undeniable asset for our employees, our customers, and indeed all stake holders.

“It would also enable Air France to complete this integration without impacting the efficiency of the Air France-KLM Group.”

Joon flies to short-haul destinations in Europe, including Bergen, Madrid and Manchester, as well as further afield to places like South Africa, Brazil, and India.

It follows Monarch, Cobalt Air, Flybe, airBerlin and Primera Air, among others, out of the market.