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ABTA encourages debate on ATOL reform

ABTA encourages debate on ATOL reform

ABTA is encouraging its Members to watch a live interactive webinar on the Department for Transport’s ATOL reform proposals at 11AM today, Thursday 11 August. The webinar will be hosted by ABTA Chief Executive Mark Tanzer and Members will be able to pose questions directly to a panel of experts on how the Government’s proposals on ATOL reform may affect their businesses.

Alongside Mr Tanzer will be Kate Jennings, the Government’s Head of Aviation Policy Implementation, David Moesli, Deputy Director of the CAA’s Consumer Protection Group and John de Vial, ABTA Head of Financial Protection.  Access to the webinar can be made through

The webinar, with facilities kindly provided by PwC, has been set up to give Members who are not able to attend their local regional meetings the opportunity to discuss their concerns over ATOL reform. In recent weeks senior ABTA staff have travelled to South West, North West, Northern Ireland, Greater London, Southern, Yorkshire and North Midlands and North Eastern regional meetings attended by close to 200 ABTA Members.  ABTA will also visit Cambridge, Glasgow, Cardiff and Birmingham later this month and in early September.

Mark Tanzer ABTA Chief Executive said: “Today’s webinar is a golden opportunity for Members to discuss the impact of the proposals on ATOL reform with individuals who are shaping and implementing the proposals. We have already held seven well attended and informative regional meetings concentrating on ATOL reform and I would also strongly encourage Members to come and discuss their views and concerns with us as we travel round the country in the coming weeks.”