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ABTA brands US government ESTA ‘odd’

ABTA brands US government ESTA ‘odd’

British Travel association ABTA has branded a decision by the United States government to introduce further fees to visitors as “odd”.

From September 8th all guests wishing to visit the US will have to apply online for an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) – at a cost of $14 per person.

The funds will be used to fund promotion of the USA around the world.

However, while welcoming the initiative to attract visitors, ABTA has questioned United States fund raising methods. 

Luke Pollard, head of public affairs at ABTA, said: “We fully support the US Government’s wish to encourage people to visit their country.


“However charging visitors $14 each to fund this drive seems a rather odd way of doing so.”

In response to the impending changes, ABTA is encoring customers to obtain their ESTA before the deadline – thus avoiding the charge.

Each ESTA is valid for two years, so a family of four applying now will save $56, approximately £40.

All customers travelling under the Visa Waiver Program must have a valid ESTA to gain entry to the USA.

To apply for an ESTA go head to the website.