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A little piece of Scotland in your pocket

A little piece of Scotland in your pocket

Wherever a Scot might be, he’ll always have a little piece of Scotland in his pocket thanks to a new app from Internet clan experts ScotClans (

Called The Scottish Clans, this is the first time that Scots at home and abroad can have the definitive guides, origins and history to around 350 clans and families from all over Scotland by simply downloading an app to their iPhone or iPad.

The ongoing aim of the Scottish Clans App is to connect clan members and their decedents from all over the world in an easy to use format.  The app will allow Scots worldwide to trace every aspect of their clan and to share that information with friends and family. There is no other apparatus - on your mobile, on the internet, or printed - that provides you with this much information on the Scottish Clans. Whether you want to know about your clan chief; clan tartan; clan crest; or your family history or a map showing you where your fellow clan members are in the world – this cutting edge app has it all. The Scottish Clans app is genuinely a one-stop-shop for everything a Scots clan member could possibly want.

As the smart guide to the clans and tartans of Scotland, it also tells you what clan merchandise is available from ScotClans – all of which is made in Scotland to the most rigorous of standards – perfect for any function you may attend in the years ahead.

The key features of the Scottish Clans App are:


·      Information on over 350 of Scotland’s best known clans and families
·      Find out which clan you are part of by searching thousands of clan related family names
·      Read your clan history
·      See your clan tartan and crest
·      Even find out your clans ancestral homeland using a Google map.
·      Links to where you can buy all the finest clan related merchandise

This must-have app also has an in-built registration function enabling it to build a picture of Scottish migration around the world creating the most ambitious attempt so far to map the Scottish Diaspora and show the worldwide influence of Scotland’s great clans.

Rodger Moffet, CEO of ScotClans, explains: “The Scottish Clans app, for iPhone and iPad, has been built from the ScotClans database, which easily has the most in-depth knowledge of clans out there. Our almost 20 year knowledge and expertise in this area will allow Scots from all over the world to have a little piece of Scotland in their pockets wherever they go. With dedicated sections for 350 clans, no published work, either in printed or portable electronic format, has the depth of clan history of this app. Nothing comes close – it is the true reference for Scottish Clans.”

So all Scots, home and abroad, need to power-up their iPhones and iPads as the Scottish Clans App is being launched today, St. Andrews Day, to mark the most important day in Scotland’s calendar.