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The Beauty of Milan

The Beauty of Milan

4 attractions you should not miss
Milan is well known for many reasons. Beautiful architecture, historical relevance and stunning artists from the past have left their indelible stamp on the city. Now, Milan is a world-class city with deep roots in finance, entertainment, fashion and tourism. There is something to see for everyone who visits Milan and if you were to visit the city a dozen times, each would be as unique as the one before.

Most of us, however, can’t afford to take that many trips and we must settle for just one or, perhaps, two in a lifetime. This limits the sights we see and the places we visit, but there are a certain places that a trip to Milan wouldn’t be complete without.

The first, and the one that should never be missed, is a small refectory attached to the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie. Although easily overlooked from the outside, this building houses one of the most iconic images in history. Within these walls, actually on one of the walls, is Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper.

Arguably, da Vinci’s greatest work, The Last Supper has not escaped the ravages of time or da Vinci’s experimental painting techniques, but seeing the actual fresco, as opposed to prints or pictures, is to understand how this 500-year-old painting can still inspire artists, novelists and theorists around the world.

If you are in Milan, consider The Last Supper the one sight you cannot miss. Tours are available and even though your time with the work will be short it will be well worth the trip.

Other sights to see in Milan include:

Duomo Di Milano. Building the Cathedral of Milan started in 1386 and was finished in the 1960s. This Gothic cathedral took nearly 600 years to build and many of the original building techniques had to be designed specifically for it. The cathedral is constructed out of pink marble and has over 100 spires and more than 3,000 statues, making it one of the most ornate churches in existence.
Cimitero Monumentale. The Monumental Cemetery in Milan is a grand celebration of death and dynasty rivalling any other shrine in Europe or the Americas. Much more than a cemetery, the Cimitero Monumentale is an outdoor sculpture museum stocked with artwork from many of the greatest 19th century sculptors.
Pinacoteca di Brera. The Brera Art Gallery can rival any museum in the world as it is home to an incredible collection of Italian and European art. A vast collection of European masterpieces collected (or stolen) by Napoleon during the early 19th century – including paintings by Rubens and Goya – share space with Italian painters from the same period – such as Titian, Veronese and the Bellini brothers – make the Brera gallery one of the finest collections of Old Masters in the world.
Getting around Milan is simple. Although it is a large city, the majority of the most popular sites are within a walking distance or a short taxi ride. Book Taxi Milan recommends that visitors, who are not on guided tours, plan their sightseeing excursions ahead of time and book their personal transportation online. Depending on the time of the year, the number of tourists in the city can make finding a taxi a daunting task.
Visiting Gothic cathedrals, art museums and cemeteries are not the only things that a visitor can do in Milan – the exquisite food, fine wines and lush scenery are feasts for all the senses – but for those on a budget, whether time or money is in short supply, seeing these exhibits should not be missed.