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Budget Travel How to Have an Affordable Summer Vacation

Budget Travel How to Have an Affordable Summer Vacation

Vacations are great for letting your hair down and relaxing from your stress-filled, busy daily life, but they are often a serious strain on the budget. Taking relaxing breaks is important for reducing the possible health problems caused by stress.

Vacation With a Crowd
There are plenty of people you can take a vacation with, from friends to other families to extended family. By renting out a house or condo to share instead of just a hotel room, you can typically find a very affordable price that works well for the group.

Dine In
The sheer cost of eating out for every meal will add up quickly. Slash your vacation expenses by picking only a few times for eating out. Try to plan out your meals and only buy enough groceries to last for the time you spend there, since transporting perishable items is difficult. For a fun and cost-friendly experience, find out when the Farmer’s Market is held in the area and try out the local goods.

Check Out the Parks
Plan some of your activities at the local parks and save a few dollars on entertainment costs. Parks are great for kids and often have activities for visitors, including splash pads, tennis courts, nature walks, bird watching, hiking trails, and more. Some parks charge a vehicle entry fee, but this is typically a nominal amount.

Off the Beaten Path
You will get better prices for your stay when you choose to visit a place not swarming with tourists. Consider visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for beautiful scenery, bright sunshine, and soft beaches that aren’t as crowded as typical vacation spots. If you are more of the adventurous type, check out Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky for the worlds longest cave system, or hike the Great
Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

Take a Working Break
If you have the option to work at home or if you have the summers off, consider taking a working break. It’s often cheaper to rent condos and houses by the month than hotel rooms by the day or week. You might spend several hundred on a house rental for the month, spending roughly what you would spend on a hotel for the week. While a longer trip can obviously take a bit more planning, it can be worth spending part of your workdays on the beach or hiking.

Consider the Trip
Driving can sometimes be cheaper, but only if you trust your car won’t break down. Consider the cost of renting a car or flying to your location, for peace of mind. You might find that booking discount flights through websites such as DiscountMyFlights means spending less money on gas and less time on the road.

Remember that vacationing closer to home can still provide you with time for a little rest and relaxation to keep you on track for the rest of the year. It is important to take breaks and help yourself loosen up when you work so hard!