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Breaking Travel News explores: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Breaking Travel News explores: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The World Travel & Tourism Council will this week convene in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, for the annual Global Summit.

The event is the most influential showcase on the calendar, and this year industry leaders gather with key government representatives to continue aligning efforts to support the recovery and move beyond to a safer, more resilient, inclusive and sustainable future.

As Saudi Arabia itself continues to develop its offering, Breaking Travel News is publishing a series of features on the destination in honour of the event.

Today we explore the year-round warm city of Jeddah.

The captivating hub invites guests to be part of the millions of worldwide visitors from traders and explorers since ancient times.

The city is the birthplace of worldwide arts and music, and a gathering spot for multi-vibrant cultures, a unique blend that left its mark on the exquisite cuisine of many fine dishes with global tastes.

When you visit Jeddah, you will have the opportunity to witness a global heritage celebrated by UNESCO, from Historical Jeddah to exploring the antique designs of balconies, stone walkways and ancient sidewalks, as this destination unearths secrets that have inspired artists and writers.

Here, you will have a chance to see the best view out there of the colourful sunset shades shimmering off the divine Red Sea shores.

Underwater, you won’t cease to be amazed by a magical diving experience that lets you gaze at the one-of-a-kind coral reefs, which have attracted journeys to discover its magnificence.

With that, the vibrant city continues to grant its visitors endless memorable experiences.

Before naming it as the royal seaport for Makkah at 657AD, the Al-Balad site, Historic Jeddah was built on beautiful coastal land.

It gathered people from all cultures and walks of life throughout the ages.

This part of the world unveils a human heritage whose walls challenged different historical factors with eight gates; each is known for their historical stories.

In addition, it holds more than ten ancient houses praised for their distinctive designs and the names of their ancient families. Here, you will get the cosiest photographs.

Discover the place chosen amongst UNESCO World Heritage List, where the ancient homes transformed using the latest technologies and expertise into art galleries and specialty cafes.

Whenever you look up in AL-Balad, you see the wooden Rawashins hanging overhead as an example of authentic architecture that oversees the modern life that passes beneath it.

Once you reach Historic Jeddah, you will notice several doors.

These doors that go back to ancient times used to get closed at night as a form of security and protection to the markets of the old alleys they surrounded.

Almost every side has a door, the most famous of which is from the east: “Bab Jadeed”.

This latest addition to the doors was built during the Saudi rule at the beginning of the nineteen forties.

Next in importance comes “Bab Makkah” from the east side facing Souq Al Badu intended to protect this market and form a passage.

Then, from the south side comes “Bab Shareef” used by the people of these alleys for outings and visiting outside markets, such as “Haraj Al Asr,” which has developed into a large local market.

There is also a lot to see just outside of Jeddah, making a visit even more attractive. 

This day-long tour of Thuwal, about an hour and a half from Jeddah, will sure be a favourite spot for natural explorers.

From the vitality of Jeddah and endless activity options to the serenity and simplicity of nature.

Thuwal Beach has gorgeous golden and soft sand with palm trees spread along it.

Phone charging points are also scattered everywhere, to relax, spend time and engage with family and friends in various activities, such as: fishing, due to its proximity to the central fish market which guarantees delicious and fresh seafood dishes that come directly from the sea.

You can organize diving trips along the coast that suit your time and budget, or you can return to the city and enjoy its numerous entertaining options.

An artistically integrated natural masterpiece, Hawiyat Namar is an astonishing campsite that is three hours away from Jeddah and requires an SUV to access the area.

You will be amazed by its mountaineering ground, prepared for the finest journey, where the experience of walking peacefully around its flowing river surrounded by greenery will inspire you.

It is an area far from all forms of urbanization, and close to every pure and spiritual activity.

Dhahban is a small town with a vintage character that is about 20 kilometres from Jeddah.

It is famous for its seaside resorts and its unique atmosphere that combines the hustle and bustle of cities and the tranquillity of villages.

The village’s simplicity and leisure attract its beachgoers. Learn about its local park and spend a cool, clear day to recharge your energy for the week ahead.

Try a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants in King Abdullah Economic City facing one of the world’s most wonderful beaches.

It’s about 20 minutes away from Thuwal, and about two hours away from Jeddah. You will be captivated by the city’s beauty wherever you look.

To enjoy the activities it has to offer, you need to book here.

The city’s beach attracts travellers for swimming or diving, and many sport activities are available such as volleyball, and the playgrounds are distributed along it.

Within this city, there are many other fun options, such as shopping or relaxing in one of its cafes.

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