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BassBuds bring gift of music to travel industry

BassBuds bring gift of music to travel industry

BassBuds in-ear headphones launched in 2012 and have already sold hundreds of thousands globally.

The earphones are designed for people who seek a trusted and on-trend product.

As well as cutting edge sound technology, BassBuds is yet another consumer innovation from the mind of entrepreneur Steven Beckford, the founder and chief executive of Electrobox.

Electrobox has successfully developed and marketed ground-breaking electrical goods since 2007.

Beckford was joined in summer 2012 by entertainment industry visionary Clint Ippoma as chief operating officer, who successfully develops new business initiatives for mainstream consumption.

Together, they formed the BassBuds company as a subsidiary of Electrobox to fill a gap in the market for fashion focused technology.

A partnership with Swarovski - whose Elements collection adds the sparkling hallmark to these elegant in-ear headphones - fulfilled that vision.

Research and development continues to yield revolutionary initiatives such as the BassBoomz portable Bluetooth speaker, which is set to dominate the luxury travel accessories market.

With Steven Beckford and Clint Ippoma leading on the philosophy and product development of Electrobox and BassBuds, the future is inspiring.

Inventive projects that enhance daily life are guaranteed.

Product Range

When enjoying music it should be experienced with crisp clarity.

That’s what makes BassBuds and BassBoomz such essentials for true music lovers.

Developed to embody fashion and luxury, they elegantly embrace technology to capture their trademark warm bass sound.

Whether commuting, working out in the gym, jogging or just strutting down the high street, BassBuds in-ear headphones envelope the listener.

Whether you are in the park, beach or garden, BassBoomz Bluetooth speakers spark an instant party.

For such a desirable extravagance, listeners will also find a pair of BassBuds incredibly hard-wearing.

You’ll want them to mix and match with a singular outfit on a special occasion, but they’re durable and practical enough to wear every day.

And much thought has gone into making them simple to use.

These are your everyday, long-term, low maintenance, high-impact in-ear headphones.

BassBoomz are the kind of imaginative, agile, high quality innovation BassBuds could pin their whole philosophy on.

Functional, beautiful and instinctively sharp - these are products that attract their own following.


BassBuds are the affordable luxury, in-ear headphones that combine immaculate sound quality and outstanding features with the chic finish of Swarovski Elements fine cut gems.

Never have earphones blazed such a trail.

They’re designed to be worn as an exquisite accessory to set alight the hottest outfits.

The breakout smash of 2012, they are the designer must-have of 2013.

A truly unique product perfectly fusing style and technology for exceptional performance and flamboyant looks to create an immensely desirable product.

BassBuds were developed with an ingenious practicality for daily convenience with the availability of a range of earbud sizes and the double-wrapped, anti-tangle cable.

Most especially the full mobile integration of the call/ MP3 controller and hands-free mic which are compatible with all smartphones.

Play, pause and skip tracks then answer/end calls to operate your smartphone without touching it.

Experience perfect noise isolation with BassBuds.

The warmth and power of your music and the emotional passion of the vocals are elevated as all surrounding sounds are excluded.

Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology, exclusively developed for BassBuds, produces a crystal clear HD quality, bass and treble free from distortion, making them by far the best in-ear headphones on the market for bass lovers.

With the world’s largest colour range across the collections, everyone can find a pair to match their mood and style – and add some instant bling and glamour with those embedded Swarovski Elements.


Bass erupts through the top of a BassBoomz speaker like fire flying up from a small but perfectly formed volcano.

It leaps higher and showers you with a sonic power you’ll find surreal.

Every pitch along the spectrum of its astonishingly spacious sound will satisfy you.

But the bass will move you.

The robust metal build withstands the everyday knocks inevitable for the kind of speaker you want to hear and carry with you daily.

And it loves travelling as much as you do.

It locks down to a compact size for protection – and for playing at discrete volumes.

Unlock it to release the subwoofer and you’ll unleash the most faithful and natural bass resonance of anything even several times its size.

Get instantly connected with any Bluetooth device and experience the superior sound of BassBoomz.

Charge it and use it anywhere – for studying, at work or out in the garden.

Connect two for expansive stereo.

Use the five-way splitter cables to daisychain as many BassBoomz as you and your friends can gather - and create a festival sound as you chill in the park or relax on the beach.

Stylish looks and high quality design mean BassBoomz easily fill a gap in the market for affordable luxury portable speakers.

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