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Traveloka focuses on enhancing customer experience and loyalty

Traveloka focuses on enhancing customer experience and loyalty

Committed to providing the best solutions and experiences to fulfill customers’ lifestyle aspirations, Traveloka has introduced the new look of Traveloka Points with various conveniences for customers in obtaining rewards. Traveloka Points is a customers’ loyalty programme that offers various benefits from every user activity in meeting their lifestyle and travel needs. This reward program is an innovation developed by the Platform business unit which aims to improve customers’ best experience while building their loyalty.

McKinsey’s research released in 2020 entitled “Travel Industry Turned Upside Down” revealed that a good customer experience can result in a 20 percent increase in customer satisfaction. The increasing technological adaptation, security, comfort, and convenience have become necessities for customers. These aspects are continuously presented by Traveloka, one of which is through the Platform business unit.

Terry Santoso, VP of Platform Marketing, Traveloka, said, “By focusing on human technology, Traveloka is committed to delivering innovation that is centered on customers’ needs. Through the Platform business unit, we aspire to understand customers’ needs by building the best experience every time they use the Traveloka platform, one of which is by optimizing Traveloka Points. Through this latest innovation, we hope that customers will find it easier and more comfortable to fulfill their various lifestyle needs, supported by various opportunities to get incredibly interesting rewards.”

The new Traveloka Points allow users to obtain rewards more easily. By making transactions at Traveloka, users will get points earned from various activities, both transactions (Traveloka products purchase) and non-transaction activities, such as winning games within the Traveloka application, participating in Missions, Guessing games, and uploading videos on Traveloka Explore. Traveloka Points can be exchanged for discounts when customers make their next transaction or to get various kinds of coupons from diverse categories in the Traveloka ecosystem. Customers can exchange their points starting from 500 points to get discount coupons for transportation tickets, accommodation, Xperience to Eats provided by Traveloka, or other special offer coupons from Traveloka partners.

Traveloka, through its Platform business unit, is currently promoting #ToThePointsAja campaign theme which encourages Traveloka customers to get to know, collect, and use Traveloka Points. During this campaign period which runs until the end of September 2022, customers have the opportunity to get discount coupons that can be obtained through Traveloka Points redemption.


In addition, the Platform business unit has also developed other innovations such as gamification, which is a feature containing various games to entertain and help users collect Points; Traveloka Priority program, a program that provides added value to loyal Traveloka customers; and Traveloka Explore, a social-media-like feature in Traveloka application that allows users to share inspiration through video content of the destinations they visit with fellow Traveloka users.

“By utilizing the increasingly fast digital adoption within the society, digital-based services expansion presented by Platform business unit, especially Traveloka Points, is expected to further emphasize Traveloka’s presence as a platform of customers choice while providing added value for users to continue exploring the fulfillment of their needs with Traveloka,” concluded Terry.