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Breaking Travel News investigates: PaMu Slide

Breaking Travel News investigates: PaMu Slide

Want the comfort of true wireless stereo headphones without the indignity of the bright white AirPods broadcasting your slavish devotion to Apple?

The team at PaMu have the ideal product for you, the new PaMu Slide.

Already the best-selling earphones brand on Indiegogo, the company has raised nearly $4 million in seed capital to bring its product to market.

With nearly 80,000 supporters, including NBA stars D. J. Augustin and Spencer Dinwiddie, these headphones are the perfect accessory for any travellers on the go.

The core processing chip is the most important part in earphones, like the heart to a human.

A great chip means you can have better sound quality, lower power consumption and a more stable signal connection – all essential for discerning listeners.

For this reason, the team at PaMu worked with Qualcomm engineers, supported by Intel techniques, to develop the technology behind the PaMu Slide.

The device features the Qualcomm QCC3020, the most advanced chip on the market.

Its means the wireless earbuds give you superior sound quality whatever device you use.

Listeners will hear the difference with PaMu Slide as soon as the slot the buds into their ears, letting them hear the music the way the artist intended - bass beats are deeper, soaring vocals hit new heights.

These earphones really deliver an authentic and precision audio experience.

But, I hear you ask, what is the point of having wireless earphones if you are forever having to carry around a charger with wires?

The PaMu Slide has you covered.

Your earphones come with a wireless charging case, so everything is wireless – for travellers stuck at airports, on long-haul flights or who enjoy listening to a lot of music, this is a lifesaver.

With ten hours of play in the headphones, and a further sixty in the case, there is no danger of running out of power.

The smart, magnetised storage box effortlessly slides open to reveal your earphones – just five minutes of charging gets you an hour of play.

Plus, whether you are running for a plane, jumping in a cab or on the treadmill in the gym, the ergonomic design of PaMu Slide earphones means they give you lasting comfort and never fall out.

Trying out a pair here at Breaking Travel News, we were impressed.

Truly wireless earbuds sometimes cause discomfort to the ears during extended listening sessions, but the PaMu Slide were very comfortable to wear.

Audio fidelity – the real deal breaker – was also of a high quality.

Extraneous background noise is somewhat reduced, while the signal from my phone was also flawless – highly recommended for travellers around the world.